April 8 – Day 1 – Ultimate Blog Challenge

April 8

Seems like my life is often like this, finding out about cool things late.  Now I’m behind the April 8 ball for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The whole thing began April 1st and I’m only just now finding out about it.  It feels like college all over again and I need to pull an all-nighter.  Hmm…So how to tackle this and not go crazy while trying to get up to speed?

On the outside chance that one or two people stumble onto this blog without knowing what the Ultimate Blog Challenge is, here’s what I know and why I decided to take it on.

As I understand it, we’re supposed to blog for 30 straight days just to see if we can.  I’m not sure if that qualifies as an “ultimate” challenge (I would have thought you’d have to be doing so while strapped to the side of mountain, parachuting, or in the middle of recess at my son’s grade school), but who am I to judge?  I’ve yet to start writing once a week.  So this will likely be a good thing, right?  Exercise.  Maybe a bit like a diet?  Oh, I hate that word.  Best to rephrase.  Discipline, will-power, getting serious?…  Words that send me running and screaming like a Tex Avery cartoon character with his bottom on fire.  So how to inspire myself to do this?…  Hmm…

“Time for your annual blog post?” my wife asks as she casually looks over my shoulder at the screen.

“Ha. Ha.  It’s a Quarterly blog,” I reply.

“On Mars, perhaps.  I think a year there is about 700 days…”

“Yikes!  You’re right.  Shish!”


“Apple’s damn auto correct won’t let me type ‘sheesh.’  Okay, I finally fixed it.  Sheesh!”

“So what’s the plan, Ultimate Sheesh Man?” she asks.

“Well, I’m just going to do it, right?”

“You’re asking me?”

“No, that was rhetorical,” I reply winking.

“Not if you take into account all of the projects you’ve started over the time that I’ve known you, it’s not.  Remember the vegetable garden with all of the fresh tomatoes and lettuce we were going to have?”

“Nobody told me you have to check those every day and battle snails and big gnarly green caterpillars that just magically appear as soon as the whole neighborhood knows you’re trying to grow veggies.  I mean how does that happen?  We’ve never had a single big green tomato chomping caterpillar before or after that time.  How do they know to show?  It was a massacre, I tell ya!”

“And the $500 you invested in learning German before our trip to Berlin 5 years ago?”

“It was $475,” I manage with a weak smile.

“Hmm…  So tell the one who loves you the most in this world, why this will be different.”

“Because every day is a new day, sweetie!  Have faith!”

And with that, she smiles, kisses me and moves off to attend to her day.

I’m hoping this will be different and I’ll resist the temptation to edit until things are perfect.  I’m hoping it will be easier than German and dealing with big gnarly green caterpillars that eat away at my resolve.  I’m hoping that finally, this is the diet that works, the resolution that sticks, the commitment I honor.

One can hope, right?…




18 thoughts on “April 8 – Day 1 – Ultimate Blog Challenge

    • Thanks, Arla! Funny, but I never thought about the fact that I could just keep blogging every day till May 7. Do you think the FB site will still be up that late? Thanks again for the kind words. :-)

  1. I came “late to the game” as well – gotta say: LOVE your sense of humor! I am a little worried about your garden comment… see I have these 4 trays of greeneru waiting for warm weather here in NH… and then you mentioned the green thingys… yikes!!
    Looking forward to reading more!

    • If you’re growing tomatoes, these green monsters, at least in California, will find you. For me, there is no point in a veggie garden if you can’t have delicious, home grown tomatoes. They’re the only veggie that you can almost never buy as fresh and delicious as you can grow! Be strong, Carrie! ;-)

      • I remember on my son’s third birthday party in El Paso, I gave all the little boys childproof scissors and let them follow the “chomp-chomp” sounds in order to cut the big green things in half. They had a blast.

  2. Loved this, Mick! Really made me laugh. And I think it’s ‘Extreme’ rather than ‘Ultimate’ if you’re blogging whilst hanging off the side of a mountain – at least, that’s what they call those doughty fellows with their ironing boards at the top of the Matterhorn. Just a thought. Also love your tag line – wish I’d thought of it! Enjoy the challenge, won’t you?

    • Thanks, Susan! I’m guessing ExtremeBlogging.com has already been goggled up, but I think you’re right. I’m also happy to have another soul out there fond of the word “whilst.” My wife is English and my American friends always find me a bit odd for using it, but it’s simply a better word than “while.” If you’ll excuse me, I’m also off the to the loo! ;-)

  3. Love the exchange with your wife, who hasn’t had a similar one with their spouse. Yes, this time it will be different, you have people waiting on you. People looking forward to reading your next words. One thing I’ve learned (although if you check I think it was over two months between my last post and April 1) is to just hit publish. We can always go back and edit when we see something we don’t like, but at least it’s out there and the habit has begun. Good luck. Looking forward to reading more of your deep thoughts.

    • Nita, very fine advice indeed. Thanks! I only recently located the “preview” button so I was doing exactly what you suggested. Publish, edit, Publish, Edit, Pearl two. It’s a new kind of sloppy, spontaneous way for me to write, but I think it’s better than waiting 6 months in between “publish” buttons. Thank you! :-)

  4. Good for you – just ‘get ‘er done – and flow with it. Blog challenges are great. Nothing like compelled creation – even on Mars – to make stuff happen. I love the flow in your writing and the fun conversation.

    • Thank you, Rachel. Very kind of you to say so. I think even with a year being nearly 700 days on Mars, I still might procrastinate. [Of course my spell check tried twice to turn that into "procreate"] The Sheesh thing really happened and only now can I actually type the word without it turning into Shish. What is Shish, anyway?…. Thanks again for the support! :-)

  5. I think blogging every day is EXACTLY like the tomato caterpillars in the garden. Everything takes due diligence. Marriages, gardens, blogs, etc. etc. etc. And I know you can do it!

    • Thanks, Lora! Hope you’ll continue reading and see what happens too! Truth is, I don’t even know what happens until I publish it and that’s just the way I like it!

      Thanks for your support!

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