April 22- Day 15 – The Lobster Blog Award


I’m very new to blogging.  In fact, I’ve only been doing it for 2 weeks spurred on by the Ultimate Blog Contest where we’re supposed to publish 30 blogs in 30 days.  It’s been an inspiring process for me and it’s amazing how much energy and time goes into organizing around this.  I mean some of us have a day job, families, and stuff to do, right?  But it’s been fun to see what it’s like to write and publish every day.  I’m toning my writing muscles but I’m seriously out of shape.  I still groan getting up from the keyboard.

It was with great surprise that I found out I’d been nominated for a The Lobster Blog Award by a fellow blogger.  [Actually, it’s not a “Lobster” award, but autocorrect is fighting “Liebster” - Okay, fixed that.]  Of course immediately I was terribly flattered and assumed the very best and more.  [I have a problem with runaway vanity from time to time.  I’m seeing a doctor about it, but the problem is that I think I’m much smarter than her, so progress is hard fought.]  So when I first got the nomination I may have gone a bit over the top.

“Wow!  I’ve ARRIVED!  The world can see how GREAT I am and soon I’ll be on Oprah!  This is the first step towards fame and fortune and a Pulitzer!”

“You know Oprah’s off the air, right?”  my wife says.

“She is?”  

“Well, she’s got her own network and all, but the Oprah show as we knew it is pretty much history.”

“And her book club?”

“She might recommend a few now and then, but it’s not the gravy train it used to be.”

“Oh,” I replied, falling rapidly from my lofty perch.

“Hey love, don’t get down.  This is a nice peer supported award and it’s particularly well suited for blogs with 200 readers or less.  Now get to work!  You’re already a day behind!”

My wife’s good for me.  Keeps me humble.  So, without further ado, the rules to this Liebster blog contest are as follows:

  1.  Tell 11 things about yourself
  2.  Answer 11 questions about yourself
  3.  Nominate other bloggers

Okay, here goes.  11 things about myself:

1)  I like prime numbers and 11 is prime.
2)  I’m not really sure what a prime number is, but thought it would sound cool to say that.

3) I’m not really sure about a lot of things but am frighteningly comfortable pretending I am.

4)  I like to hide food.

5)  When I trim my nose hairs I can breathe markedly better

6)  I’m actually much better looking than I appear in daylight.

7) Writing is easy, it’s typing that kills me.

8)  All of my facial hair is actually drawn on with a Sharpie.

9)  I’m from the future.

10)  At night, when I’m sleeping, I do ancient spiritual chanting that many (including my wife) mistake for snoring.

11)  I’m incredibly fortunate to have a wife and son who put up with me.


[To be continued, tomorrow...]



4 thoughts on “April 22- Day 15 – The Lobster Blog Award

  1. This is definitely a blog for my bookmark list! You always make me laugh with your slightly warped view of the world (although, truth be told, it seems quite normal to me!) Keep it up! You definitely have a gift (aside from your Lobster award, of course!)

    • Thanks, Sheri! Very kind remarks. Heck, I try to keep it straight and even the dang auto-correct won’t leave me alone. You literally have to pin the word down before hitting any other space and then force it into your dictionary in Pages. Whew! That’s heavy lifting in the writing world!

      Thanks again for taking time leave a remark.



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