April 23 – Day 16 – The Lobster/Liebster Awards

[part 2 of 2]

As part of my unceremonious nomination for a Lobster Award [I’m on a different computer and haven’t fixed the Lobster/Liebster issue yet--Okay, got it. -{sigh}- Seriously!  This is embarrassing.], I’m required to answer questions posed by my nominatrix and then become the nominator to other bloggers with my own set of questions.

First the questions I’ve been asked:

Do you have a hobby?  What is it?

I’m pretty sure my hobby is napping.  I only get to devote my attention to it for a few hours each week, but I find it deeply engrossing and time really seems to fly when I’m doing it.  People say, “Follow your bliss and the money follow,” but so far the napping thing hasn’t worked out.  Doesn’t matter.  Some things we just do for the love of it.

What is your favorite food? 


What are you currently reading?

About 100 words a minute if I don’t move my lips?

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?


Where do you live now?

Somewhere else. I try to live in the now, but I often slide off somewhere else.  Sometimes, just before falling asleep, I wonder if somewhere else isn’t now.  [I have no idea what I just said...]

What do you like about it?

I have a really comfortable chair and it’s easy to make a sandwich.

How has technology changed your life?

I used to be nicer, less grumpy, and care more about getting real time with real people in the real world.

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

1.   More wishes

    2.   an instant fitness pill

    3.   to be right sometimes at home.

    4.   the ability to fly, super strength, a secret identity, the X-Factor, shallow pretty friends… (Hey, I already asked for more wishes, so…)

If your friends had to describe you in three words, what would they be?

Late to dinner…

If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would it be?  

The past.

What would you like to do there?

Enjoy my svelte, sexy body and definitely appreciate my hair more.  Oh, I’d also buy a LOT of shares of Apple Computer.

 Describe the view from your window.

There are these horizontal stripes that lever open and closed, and rise up and down.  I think they’re called blinds.  Behind them, is a beautiful view of the ocean and strong sunlight that glares on my computer screen.

Okay, as per the draconian rules of this contest, I have told you 11 desperately private things about myself, answered 11 revealing Questions and now I’d like to nominate some other bloggers who should also be considered for this award:

Jessica Winters-Mireles at:   http://www.AllegroNonTanto.wordpress.com

Minette Reorder at:  (again, I try to type her name “Riordan” and she becomes “Reorder”)   http://www.MinetteRiordan.com/blog/

Brad Dobson at:  http://www.BDobson.net

Charla Bregante at:  http://www.PostcardsFromTuesday.blogspot.com

Here are your 11 Questions:

  1.  Why do you have a blog?
  2.  What gets you up in the morning?
  3.  To date, what is one of the funniest moments in your life?
  4.   Your favorite movie of all time, the one you thought of first after reading this?
  5.   What is your favorite thing to read?
  6.   What is your favorite food from childhood?  And now?
  7.   What do others find funny that you don’t, at all?
  8.   What’s your biggest challenge in writing?
  9.   A big disappointment you had in the past and how it affected you in the long run.
  10.   One of the best days of your life (so far) and why?
  11.   How would you like to be remembered?

Light, easy, fun questions, right?  HA!  Have FUN!







3 thoughts on “April 23 – Day 16 – The Lobster/Liebster Awards

  1. It’s with mixed gratitude that I thank you for the Liebster award…Thanks for the great laugh reading all of your responses. Always a great way to start the day. Challenging questions, not surprised but will take a while to answer and I just wanted to write a “quick and easy” post today… Big hugs of appreciation for nominating me.

    • See? You have such a way with words that how could I NOT nominate you? ;-) And you should be able to knock out some answers to those very simple questions in 10 minutes tops, right? 8-)

      You deserve all the accolades the internet can throw down your way. You’re an inspiration to many (Self included!) and I want you to teach my son how to doodle. In fact, it’s not even fair to call it “doodle.” It’s more like “Doodle-ology” and I’m wondering when I’m going to get my own piece of “Reorder” art. BTW, very sorry about my spell corrector. Honestly, I fight the dang thing. You should see how I have to pin down correctly spelled words to add them to the dictionary! It’s brutal!

      Warm Regards,


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