The Disquiet of the Soul

[It’s impossible to be a writer on the web these days without an awareness of FaceBook.  Sometimes when I’m stumped, or simply procrastinating, I pop over there and read what others have written about their lives or an article or video they’ve seen.  When you arrive at the top of your FaceBook Page, there’s this single line blank space that asks, “What’s on your mind?” 
What's on your mind?
Normally I ignore it and post whatever I feel like posting rather than responding to this contrived prompt.  Today, I didn’t.  Here’s what followed.]


What’s on my mind?

Today it’s the crazy angst I feel when I cannot feed my soul’s calling.  It’s the disquiet that comes from allowing myself to get caught up in the daily grind of making a living.  It’s the restlessness from the resulting 4 dozen day job details that consume my attention, energy, and motion of the clock.  It’s the sadness when I realize I have forgotten to sit down and be present with the ones who give my life deep meaning and love.

I have a good life, a rich life, an “enough” life.  Some days I feel blessed, on others, just profoundly lucky.  There are so many on our crowded planet who have far more challenges than I.

I feel I should not complain.

Still, my soul howls to spend more of its incarnation doing what it aches to do.  What it came to do.  To do more than pay the bills.  To take it’s unique experiences, skills and gifts to make the world a slightly better, lighter place.  To be in deep, attentive communion and connection with those that matter.

That’s what’s on my mind today…