Mick is currently living and working in Southern California in the high tech industry.  He happily married up to a fantastic woman with a British accent who has far more FaceBook friends than he.  Together they have a beautiful 9 year old boy and a small dog even though Mick is a big dog person.  Ever since his mother moved to town to dote on her only grandchild, Mick’s friends have noticed his ability to act like an adult has been compromised.  He has lived and worked in both Asia and Europe for 12 years and the rest of that time in both Blue and Red States.  He has a degree in Political Science that he uses mostly to read the newspaper and watch the Daily Show.  He is religious, but not spiritual and doesn’t really understand what either mean.  His family attends the Unitarian Church in town and he’s not sure what that means either, but they have donuts.  He’s a lover of wine and a “foodie,” the new word for people who like to eat and have the belly to prove it.  He used to consider himself politically independent and moderate until the American political spectrum hit a curb and started pulling dramatically to the right.  Mick spent 15 years as a successful professional singer/songwriter and voice-over artist and nearly that long recovering from it.  He wishes he had more time to write, but when he does, he often finds odd places in the home that really need to be cleaned or organized or 17 things on FaceBook to comment on.  He loves writing and hopes to make a career out of it one day.  Either that, or he’ll spend the rest of his career hijacking the threads of friends on FaceBook with long winded, philosophical comments that attempt to appear wise.

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  1. Taking the day off, huh? This daily thing is so hard to keep up with. So, I don’t blame you. I read your bio. It was funny. you could have used that for today’s post. LOL

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